Asmita Yojana Maharashtra: subsidized sanitary pads scheme for rural women

The government of Maharashtra has launched Asmita Yojana to distribute subsidized sanitary napkins to the rural women in the state. Maharashtra Women and Child Minister Pankaja Munde announced the scheme. Under the scheme a packet of sanitary pads will be given at a cost of Rs. 5 each to the girls studying in government run zilla parishad schools. The scheme will be implemented through self-help groups in the state.

Asmita Yojana to cost Rs. 3 crores to the exchequer.

The scheme will cost the state government 3 crores annually. Apart from providing subsidized pads the government will also work on creating awareness about the menstrual hygiene awareness. The Asmita Yojana is not just for school girls in the age group of 11 to 19 but for all the women in rural areas since the usage of the sanitary pads is very low in the rural areas. Government will provide two types of sanitary pads for them 24 rupees pack and Rs. 29 pack each.

The Asmita Yojana will generate awareness and now with subsidized rates more girls and women will be able to use them. Only 17% of the rural women use sanitary napkins in Maharashtra and the scheme will percentage improve the percentage.

Asmita Yojana Maharashtra: Highlights

  • Subsidized sanitary pads for rural women in Maharashtra
  • A pack of sanitary napkins will be provided for Rs. 5 each to the school girls studying in state run zilla parishad schools
  • Rural women can buy it for subsidized rates too at Rs. 24 and Rs. 29 each
  • The scheme to cost Rs. 3 crores to the state
  • Selp-help groups to implement the scheme

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