Kerala Life Mission (Housing Scheme) – 5.13 Lakh Free Houses for Home-Less People

Kerala Govt. is going to build 5.13 Lakh more affordable houses absolutely free for homeless people under Kerala Life Mission. Subsequently, the state govt. will construct 500 sq. ft houses at a cost of Rs. 4 lakh each. Accordingly, Life Housing Scheme is the twisted form of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana and is the flagship scheme of Communist govt.
LIFE stands for Livelihood inclusion and Financial Inclusion. Cabinet committee has approved the proposal on constructing more than half a million (5,13,000) houses for homeless people. Accordingly, govt. will invite online application forms for this Housing Scheme through the official website
The state govt. has earmarked Rs. 2500 crore for this Life Mission Housing Scheme in Kerala Budget 2018-19. In addition, the new decisions of cabinet committee meeting (27 February 2018) will add the additional burden of Rs. 459 crore on the state govt.

Kerala Life Mission / Housing Scheme – Cabinet Orders

Cabinet Committee has modified the PMAY Scheme of the Central Govt. on 27 February 2018. Under PMAY Scheme, the cost of each house is Rs. 3 Lakh out of which Central Govt. provides Rs. 1.5 lakh, State Govt. share is Rs. 50,000. Moreover, Local Govt. contribution is Rs. 50,000 and user also contribute Rs. 50,000.
However, the state govt. has removed the user’s share. Under this new Life Mission – Housing Scheme, the total cost of the 500 sq. ft house is Rs. 4 Lakh out of which Central Govt. will provide Rs. 1.5 lakh, State Govt. contribution will remain Rs. 50,000 and Local Govt. share is Rs. 2 Lakh. Applicants will not have to pay any amount for the new house.
For houses which are not eligible under PMAY, State Govt. will provide Rs. 1 lakh and Local Govt. must raise the remaining amount. In order to help the local govt. to raise their share, Kerala Govt. is going to set up a new financial company to increase debt amount from the market. Accordingly, local govt. will repay the principal amount of loan using deductions from future plan funds. Moreover, state govt. will bear the cost of loan interest. Moreover, Cabinet Action Plan as decided at the previous meeting of 27 January – Click Here

Kerala Life Mission – Beneficiaries Government List

Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan is personally monitoring this Housing Scheme. As per the life mission Kerala government list, state govt. has identified 5,13,000 beneficiaries. In the initial phase, govt. will construct 1,76,000 houses in 2018-19. Out of these, govt. will finish the construction work of around 66,750 houses until March 2018.
These beneficiaries include 75,065 from scheduled castes (SC), 14,085 from scheduled tribes (ST) and 6,000 are fisher-folk. This Housing project is a part of Larger Mission LIFE.
Various Private Sector Companies like Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) are also keen to contribute to this housing project. CII has approved to provide cement at subsidized rates.

Life Mission Kerala Survey – Phase 1 List

Candidates can see the Life Mission Survey List of Phase 1 through the link given below:-
Life Mission Survey List
Here candidates can make the life mission login and see their name on the Survey List.

Life Mission Kerala – House Progress Report

Candidates can see the Unpacked Homes Progress Report in the PDF Format (28 February 2018) through the link given below:-
Furthermore, candidates can also see the Unpone Houses Progress Report Pdf as on 1 March 2018 through the link:-

Kerala Life Mission

LIFE Mission Kerala focus on the 4 major thrust areas which are as follows:-

  • Affordable Housing
  • Improvement of Public Infrastructure
  • Strengthening of Agriculture
  • Proper management of Natural Resources

After the completion of First phase (next year), Kerala Govt. will start procuring land and house construction for remaining 3 lakh homeless people.
Life Mission is the Flagship Scheme of Kerala Govt. after Literacy Campaign and People’s plan Campaign which turns out into successful people’s movement.


— For more details on LIFE Project Kerala, please visit the official website –
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