Operation Greens Mission – TOP Scheme to Control Prices of Tomato, Onion, Potato

Central government is going to launch Operation Greens Mission as per the announcement in Union Budget 2018-19. Subsequently, TOP Scheme will promote processing of tomato, onion and potato and boost the supplies of these veggies. Accordingly, this operation will enable govt. to control the prices of tomato, onion and potato even in the period of scarcity / lean period. For this operation green, central govt. has allotted Rs. 500 crore in its annual budget.

Central govt. will discuss the contours of this new scheme with various stakeholders in the last week of February. Moreover, govt. can also provide incentives to the farmers to boost the production of these 3 veggies under TOP Scheme.

Accordingly, central govt. will compress the supply chains and will focus on creating infrastructure to naturally preserve TOP.

Operation Greens Mission – Details

The important features and highlights of this TOP Scheme are as follows:-

  • Food Processing Ministry is making every possible effort to finalize the contours of Operation Greens as soon as possible.
  • Subsequently, govt. will promote TOP processing and will also incentivise production of Tomato, Onion and Potato.
  • For this reason, govt. will compress the supply chains and also provide an appropriate climate infrastructure for natural preservation of TOP. Central govt. has also earmarked Rs. 5 billion for this TOP Scheme.
  • Under this scheme, various Farmers Producers Organisations (FPOs), agri-logistics processing facilities and professional management will get encouraged.

Operation Greens will benefit the farmers to get appropriate prices for their crops. In addition to this, TOP scheme will also benefit people to get Tomato, Onion and Potato at reasonable prices.

Operation Greens – Implementation

J P Meena, Food Processing Secretary announced that the key features of this TOP Scheme are most likely to get ready till April 2018. For the successful implementation of this scheme, central govt. has already mapped the vegetable clusters across the country.

Moreover, govt. will work out on backward and forward linkages for FPOs to enable them to take advantage of this scheme. Central govt. has launched ‘Operation Greens’ on the same lines of ‘Operation Flood’. Operation Flood was launched in 1966 and was the biggest diary development program of the central govt.

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