Rs. 500 Nutritional Allowance Scheme for TB Patients in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu govt. is going to start Rs. 500 Nutritional Allowance Scheme for TB patients in Tamil Nadu. Subsequently, this is a part of the National Strategic Plan for TB elimination till FY 2030. Accordingly, all patients will get Rs. 500 p.m during treatment irrespective of their income level starting from April 2018.

TB is a disease of under-nutrition and leads to loss of appetite. Accordingly, all the Tuberculosis affected patients will get nutrition support of Rs. 500 per month. TN Govt. will directly transfer this amount in the bank accounts of patients through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT).

All TB patients will get this amount in 3 installments during there treatment which is approx. 6 months or can be more. Nutrition Support Scheme will benefit around 1.3 lakh TB patients across the state.

TN Nutritional Allowance Scheme for TB Patients

The important features and highlights of TN Nutrition Support Scheme are as follows:-

  • All the TB affected patients will get Rs. 500 for nutritional support as malnutrition is an important cause of this bacterial disease.
  • Accordingly, there is no age limit and no income criteria to become eligible for TN Nutritional Allowance Scheme.
  • Moreover, all the TB patients will get this amount in 3 installments during their treatment. Patients will get this amount through DBT directly into their bank accounts.
  • However, this nutritional allowance is only for those patients who have been notified in the system and whose treatment process is initiated.
  • Under this scheme, patients will get their 1st installment at the time of notification of TB. 2nd Installment at the time of completion of 2 months of treatment and 3rd installment at the end of treatment.
  • Moreover in case the treatment duration is over 6 months, then patients will get more installments.
  • In the initial phase, govt. will implement this pilot project at Government Hospital of Thoracic Medicine, Tambaram. Afterwards, govt. will extend this scheme to the entire state.

In Union Budget 2018-19, Central govt. has allocated a sum of Rs. 600 crore for TB Patients Scheme. Malnutrition is an important cause for acquiring TB and leads to loss of appetite – vicious circle. Accordingly, govt. must also focus on providing correct diet plans to the patients.

TB Patients Nutritional Allowance Scheme – Facts

Some of important facts about the TN Tuberculosis patients are as follows:-

  1. The state govt. notices around 1.3 lakh cases of TB every year in Tamil Nadu including the old cases.
  2. Accordingly out of these cases, 70000 cases are handled in the govt. sector while 60000 cases are handled in the private sector.
  3. In addition to this, there are around 15000 TB cases which are notified from private sector.
  4. Around 461 TB units are operated in the state and each unit is manned by a medical officer.
  5. Moreover, Tamil Nadu govt. gives Rs. 1000 as pension to all farmer card holders living with TB or HIV / Aids.
  6. This TN Nutritional Allowance Scheme will reduce the mortality rate of people affected with TB.

TN Nutritional Allowance Scheme TB Patients

TN Nutritional Allowance Scheme TB Patients

In India, around 28 lakh cases of TB are seen which is one fourth of the total number of cases globally. Out of these, around 17 lakh cases gets notified. Furthermore, around 4,80,000 people dies with TB across the country.

RNTCP Programme

The state govt. of Tamil Nadu is already implementing Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme (RNTCP). Accordingly, govt. provides free treatment to TB patients in the government sector. TN govt. has launched this RNTCP scheme in the FY 2002.

TN Nutritional Allowance Scheme will focus on proper counselling taking into consideration their means and local food availability. This scheme will help in proper utilization of nutritional support. As per the study report, decreased BMI (body mass index) and malnutrition causes higher morbidity and mortality in TB.

Central govt. is focusing on strengthening of nutritional counselling component. This component will focus on providing an appropriate diet plan to curb TB. Moreover, Central TB division has also released guidance document on nutritional care and support along with special emphasis on Co-morbidities. Nutrition is an essential component for recovery of TB.

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