Self Help Group (SHG) Scheme in West Bengal – 700 Crore for 50 Lakh Rural Women

West Bengal government is going to launch a new scheme worth around Rs. 700 crore to bring about 50 lakh rural women under Self Help Group (SHG) Scheme. Subsequently, all the women residing in villages (rural areas) will get benefit of training and loans. Accordingly, govt. aims at making WB women self reliant and independent.

Under this scheme, govt. will provide skill development training and vocational training to rural women. Moreover, govt. will also arrange loans to create self employment. Furthermore, govt. will also promote the products of SHGs through state govt. departments.

WB SHG scheme will result in the overall development of women and will take place in 3 phases.

West Bengal Self Help Group (SHG) Scheme – 3 Phases

WB govt. will implement this scheme in 3 phases which are as follows:-

  • Identification & Training (1st Phase) – In first phase, the state govt. will identify rural women who are not covered under SHG network. After identification process, govt. will provide Skill Development training and its entire cost will be borne by the state co-operation department.
  • Loans to Rural Women (2nd Phase) – West Bengal govt. is going to provide loans to women in villages. Accordingly, govt. will give interest subsidy on loans from different cooperative banks and cooperative societies. Henceforth, women this get these loans for self employment at low interest rates.
  • Promotion & Marketing of SHG Products (3rd Phase) – The final phase of this scheme will include promotion and marketing of the products of these SHGs. For this reason, govt. will open SHG outlets and will also create a network of other state govt. departments such as agriculture marketing, food & supplies and small & medium industries department.

Till date, there are around 2 lakh active Self Help Group in West Bengal and around 50 lakh women are associated with it. So, the state govt. wants to increase this number to 1 crore with inclusion of 50 lakh more women. Henceforth, govt. will complete this project of opening 2 lakh more SHG in Bengal in the FY 2018-19.

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