Solar Charkha Scheme under Solar Spindle Mission to generate 5 crore jobs

The Government of India has introduced Solar Charkha Scheme under Solar Spindle Mission with an objective to generate five crore jobs and promote to khadi. The Union Minister of state for micro, small an medium enterprise Giriraj Singh announced the scheme and said that the national launch of the scheme will begin in Beed district in Maharashtra.

Maharashtra has the highest cotton production across the country and most part of the state grows cotton. There were many cotton mills earlier in the state but slowly they all closed down due to the low wages, exodus of artisans and less productivity. Over years it has been seen that there has been no increase in the number of people associated with the cotton industry over last couple of years. Conditions are favorable for the cotton industry in Maharashtra. A cluster of solar charkha project created in Maharashtra.

What is Solar Charkha Scheme?

  • A revolutionary scheme, a technology revolution in the cotton industry
  • Solar charkhas are operated using solar energy
  • Under the scheme 5 crore jobs will be created primarily for women in next 5 years
  • Nearly 1,100 per panchayat jobs are possible under the scheme
  • Government will develop agro cluster in the rural areas and industrial cluster in the urban areas
  • It will be mandatory that government agencies to procure 20% from MSMEs
  • Solar Spindle Mission will be implemented which will consist of 500 solar spindles and its cluster will consist of 4000 spindles
  • Investment of Rs. 40,000 crores would be launched in every Lok Sabha constituency
  • 1 lakh women to be employed in each parliament constituency under Social Security Scheme
  • The aim is to grow khadi sales from Rs. 26,000 crores to Rs. 1 lakh crores

Solar Charkha to act as a change agent and will lower strain on weavers, increase productivity and generate between Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 8,000 per month for each workers.

Solar Charkha Scheme: Objectives

  • To generate awareness about khadi
  • To revive cotton industry and promote solar charkha`s
  • To create self-employment and jobs in the rural and urban areas
  • To promote green and clean energy
  • To make khadi generation sustainable and profitable business

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