Special Pension Scheme for 3 Lakh Pensioners Approved By West Bengal Govt.

West Bengal Govt. has approved a special pension scheme to benefit more than 3 lakh pensioners. Subsequently, govt. will provide all necessary funds under this Bengal New Pension Scheme to benefit mainly senior citizens, widow, disabled people. Accordingly, all the people who are losing their pension after new guidelines by the Central Govt. will get benefited. Interested candidates can apply online through the official web pension portal wbepension.gov.in
Directorate of Pension, Provident Fund and Group insurance is the implementing agency for this new pension scheme. The primary objective is to extend the benefit of e-governance to the pensioners of recognized non-governmental aided institutions, Panchayat, Municipality etc.
Under this scheme, around 3.25 lakh people who are going to lose their pension as per the west Bengal pension order can apply for this Special Pension Scheme to continue receiving a pension.

West Bengal Special Pension Scheme – Details

Under National Social Assistance Programme (NSAP), several crore people across the country receive financial aid (pension) from the Central government. These pensioners include mainly Senior Citizens, Widows, People with Disabilities (PWDs). In NSAP Scheme, West Bengal quota of persons is 21.31 lakh. However, the eligible number of pensioners in West Bengal is 23.4 lakh.
West Bengal Govt. is consistently making efforts to resolve this issue with the central govt. but has got no response. Moreover as per the new guidelines of Central Govt. around 1.15 lakh people in the rural areas are also going to lose their pension.
So, West Bengal Govt. has decided to launch a new scheme of its own to benefit around 3.25 lakh people. Under this scheme, state govt. will provide all the funds. Moreover, West Bengal Govt. has directed all the Panchayats to make the list of people who are losing their pension. After the list is prepared, govt. will enrol them under the Bengal Special Pension Scheme. Thus, these people will continue receiving the pension from govt.
Furthermore, govt. will set up a grievance redressal system to ensure the benefit of financial aid goes to the pensioners.

WB Pension Status Enquiry

All the eligible pensioners can check the status of their Pension through the link given below:-
WB Pension Status Enquiry for Pensioners
Moreover, all the pensioners can download the DSC User manual in the PDF Format to get registered. For all the Step by step instruction, please click the link – DSC User Manual Download (PDF)


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— Furthermore, for more information on the West Bengal Pension, visit the web e pension portal wbepension.gov.in
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